One of the services provided by the American Rose Society is access to a group of expert rosarians known as Consulting Rosarians.  These individuals can provide advice on all aspects of rose culture including selection of roses, rose varieties, planting roses, fertilizers, rose diseases, and the selection and proper use of pesticides.  In addition, Consulting Rosarians are there to help with problems that gardeners might encounter with their roses.  A list of Consulting Rosarians with their contact information and location within the Colonial District is provided below.

The Master Rosarians listed on this page are CRs that have been recognized through a nomination process and approved by the American Rose Society as individuals who have provided outstanding active CR performance for a period of at least 10 years and who have exhibited a willingness to continue as a CR.

If you would like to become a Consulting Rosarian or nominate someone to be recognized as a Master Rosarian, please contact Ray Shipley at

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