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Playboy and Some of Its Offsprings

by Monica Valentovic


There are many different roses on the market and one that has an eye-catching color is Playboy. If you are still looking for some roses for your garden consider Playboy or some of its offspring. 


Playboy will provide your garden with constant color with clusters of flowers. It is excellent for landscaping. Playboy is a floribunda that has a yellow center with scarlet to red orange edges to the bloom. Playboy is considered a single as it has less than 12 petals to each bloom. The rose grows 3-4 feet tall in our garden. It has very shiny dark green foliage that is fairly resistant to fungus and spider mites. It was introduced in 1976 and classified as a red blend floribunda. 


An interesting property of this rose is that it has been the parent of many new roses that have been introduced since 1976. These roses all have retained the shiny disease resistant leaves and for most part the flowering characteristics of Playboy.  The most obvious are the "Play" series floribunda that include: Playgirl, Playmate and Playtime.  


Playgirl was introduced in 1986 and is classified as a medium pink. It was a cross of Playboy and Angel Face (mauve color). This bush has shiny dark foliage and single blooms of solid dark pink. Playgirl was hybridized by Ralph Moore, who is well recognized for his miniature rose introductions. Playgirl grows about 4 foot tall and is a little more winter tender than Playboy.  


Playmate was also introduced in 1986 and is classified as a red blend. It was a cross of Playboy with unnamed seedling. Henry Fonda was the hybridizer. Again, it is an excellent landscape rose.


Playtime was introduced in 1989 and is classified as an orange red. Ralph Moore also hybridized playtime. The cross for this rose was Playboy with Old Master. Playtime is an orange red with a slightly lighter center or eye around the stamens.


Other newer roses that have come from Playboy include:  Betty Boop, Flutterbye and Scentimental.  Betty Boop was introduced in 1999 as a floribunda. It is classified as a red blend and has the flowering characteristics of Playboy. There are approximately 5-12 petals that really are red, red orange with a yellow eye. The stamens of Betty Boop are yellow when the bloom first opens, but they quickly darken to a light brown which some people do not like. But the color of the blooms is really pretty in the garden. 


Flutterbye was introduced in 1999 and is classified as a yellow blend shrub. Tom Caruth, who has been very successful introducing many new roses, hybridized it. Flutterbye was a cross of Playboy with another rose that was from a cross of Sunsprite x Rosa soulieana derivative.  The blooms have approximately 6 petals. It is an interesting rose bush as the colors of the blooms change color as they open and age. Initially the blooms are yellow with a yellow center or eye and yellow stamens. The blooms then change to yellow with a red edge, and some have a light orange shade to them. It is a very pretty bush in the garden, and it an excellent landscape rose. Our only problem was that it was a little winter tender and had to have more protection than Playboy. 


The last rose that I can find that has Playboy as a parent is




 is a floribunda that is classified as a red blend. Scentimental was introduced in 1999.  Tom Carruth hybridized Scentimental. Although classified as a red blend, it really is a striped rose. Each bloom

has stripes of red, pink and white, and each bloom appears different.  This coloration probably was due to its cross of Playboy with Peppermint Twist. The blooms have over 20 petals and form the usual hybrid tea form. Although touted to have great fragrance, we found a large variability in fragrance between plants. But if you want a striped rose, this may be a choice to consider.